cameras stories

The primary reason why you can take better pictures with a DSLR than with your iPhone isn't the sensor, it's the lens. This concept camera keeps all that sexy DSLR glass, and then makes the rest of the camera into something that's iPhone-sized and detachable, even while you're taking pics.
The MAME-CAM looks like a tiny toy, the type of little bauble that the Japanese love to dangle from their cellphones. But it's actually a fully-functioning camera that can take real-deal pictures.
Casio has taken digital camera form factor to its inevitable "why didn't we think of this" conclusion with the Tryx. It's a digital camera that pops out of a frame, enabling it to swivel 360-degrees in both portrait and landscape mode and every way in between. This two-way swivel actually means a multitude of positions and angles, freeing the casual snapper from just pointing and shooting.
Well, this is nuts: engineers at MIT have developed a camera that can capture images of things not in its field of view. Yes, it's a camera that can see around corners, no mirrors involved.