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If you're up to snuff on your Samsung history, you'll know that the Korean electronics giant is very keen on slapping the word "Smart" in front of all of its products. From Smart TVs to Smart Touch Remotes to Smart Home appliances including a smartphone-controllable washer and dryer, Samsung's got the connected goods. The only product that hasn't gone to school and come back enlightened is the camera. This year, Samsung's rolling out the smartness to all of its compact-system-cameras (better known as CSC or mirrorless cameras with lens systems). What that means is all of its flagship CSCs have built-in Wi-Fi and the ability and the ability to instantly share photos and videos to popular social networks. How well does the feature work? I went and found out for you.
Challenging the conventions of camera design isn't a easy task (ahem — Lytro), but we'll never get new breakthroughs if designers don't think outside the box. Arti Patel's "All.Round SLR" concept aims to make SLR photography more accessible and convenient for amateur and pro photographers.
Few things are more frustrating than trying to take a picture of your friends next to some tourist landmark, and having to wait while other tourists get out of your shot. That boring wait may become a thing of the past, if this new camera tech that can erase unwanted people from a picture works as advertised.
There's been a lot of talk about driving drunk on here, and now there's a new way to avoid it! Since, it seems people are more apt to listen to an app than they are to another person, it's probably a good thing that there's now an iPhone app that tells you if you're too drunk to drive.
The iPhone 4's camera is pretty decent, so a lot of people, myself included, have quit carrying a real camera around. But what if you're in a situation where you need to look a bit more serious about your picture taking? This case lets you fake it, making your iPhone look a bit more like the real deal.