Buildings stories

Meet Lucasfilm Animation's new Sandcrawler offices. You may remember seeing it back in April when it was all just a blurry render. New details have trickled out and surprisingly, the office building with the 100-seat theater and state-of-the-art digital production facilities only looks like a Sandcrawler from one angle. Peak on throughout he other side, and it's a whole different story.
Announced in June, we knew that Steve Jobs wanted to build a brand new Apple campus shaped like a spaceship in Cupertino. The world's most valuable company's now released high-quality renders of its proposed HQ for all to marvel at. Oh wow, look at that glass, it's curved.
Everybody likes the taste of organic, farm-fresh food, but in dense urban areas, large-scale agriculture isn't really an option. A Dutch design firm has come up with a concept for a rooftop greenhouse ecosystem that produces food so efficiently that installing them on top of buildings in NYC could feed the majority of people living there.
Adrian Smith + Gordon Gill Architecture's Wuhan Greenland Center might not reach as high into the sky like the Kingdom Tower or the Burj Khalifa, but when it's completed, it will be the world's fourth tallest building, third-tallest in China and ultra sustainable. At 1,988 feet hight with 119 floors, the Wuhan Greenland Center's "tapered body, softly rounded corners and domed top" don't just make the entire structure look slim and sleek, special vents at the edges of its tripod-like "legs" help "reduce wind resistance and vortex action" that usually causes a building to sway.