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Fact: the majority of people who have ever existed are dead. Therefore a large percentage of those reading this right now are probably ghosts — that's just basic math. And while we value the support of our spectoral readers, we would like to posit a simple request on behalf of the living: please stop being so spooky. We don't like it. Now, we're not asking for a complete kibosh on your Beetlejuiceing. We just ask that you relocate your phantom business away from non-dead population centers to some decaying, uninhabited (i.e. "ghost friendly") structure. Abandoned buildings are ideal for ghosts — you can lurk around hassle-free for all eternity, but still enjoy the occasional visit from one of basic cable's many fine ghost investigation programs. Now, you're probably asking yourself "there are so many scary abandoned buildings, which one is right for me?" Well, since you are reading DVICE, we assume that in addition to ghost stuff, you maintain an interest in the latest developments from the world of technology. That's why we've profiled some of the freakiest abandoned tech facilities from around the world that will satisfy both your ghostly and geekish leanings.
The Chinese are building a new airport just outside of Beijing, because the other two giant airports they have in the area just can't keep up with demand. When it's finished, it'll be the largest airport in the world by far, at approximately the same size as the entire island of Bermuda.
Meet Lucasfilm Animation's new Sandcrawler offices. You may remember seeing it back in April when it was all just a blurry render. New details have trickled out and surprisingly, the office building with the 100-seat theater and state-of-the-art digital production facilities only looks like a Sandcrawler from one angle. Peak on throughout he other side, and it's a whole different story.
Announced in June, we knew that Steve Jobs wanted to build a brand new Apple campus shaped like a spaceship in Cupertino. The world's most valuable company's now released high-quality renders of its proposed HQ for all to marvel at. Oh wow, look at that glass, it's curved.