Buildings stories

Nobody makes buildings out of wood anymore. Why? Because wood isn't especially strong (relative to steel), it involves cutting down trees, it burns readily, and creepy crawly things live and/or feast on it. Despite these horrible shortcomings, brave architects are now planning to build a 30-story wooden skyscraper in Vancouver.
Every year, Fentress Architects sponsors a global challenge for students to explore "future design possibilities in public architecture," where the winner gets cash, a paid internship and a part in a major museum exhibition. The 2011 challenge asked students to share their ideas for airports of the future, and the results are in, featuring floating islands, circular runways and zeppelins.
Plantagon, a Swedish company that makes greenhouses, is happy to remind us all that by 2050, nine billion people will be living on Earth, seven billion of them will be living in cities, and every single one of them is going to be hungry a lot of the time. Plantagon has the solution in the form of skyscrapers for plants. Tasty plants. And they're building one.