Buildings stories

One cow contains approximately eight gallons of blood. When cows are magically turned from things that smell bad into things that taste good, all of that blood generally goes to waste. But it need not be wasted, for it can now be used to make large structures and waterproof bricks that also happen to look kinda like fresh-baked brownies. Mmm, brownies.
It's practically impossible to get a good banana outside of the tropics. The bananas that you'll find at the supermarket, called Cavendish bananas, taste like mush compared to tropical varieties, but because the Cavendish travels well, that's all we get. Urbanana (Urbanana!) is a concept that would allow tropical fruits to be grown in cities instead.
Nobody makes buildings out of wood anymore. Why? Because wood isn't especially strong (relative to steel), it involves cutting down trees, it burns readily, and creepy crawly things live and/or feast on it. Despite these horrible shortcomings, brave architects are now planning to build a 30-story wooden skyscraper in Vancouver.