Buildings stories

There's an old stretch of road in Italy that's going to fall out of use in favor of a new highway, and the country turned to designers for ideas on how to recycle the road rather than just leave it derelict. One idea? Build a city of hanging houses under its bridges.
See that ghostly honeycomb tower in the middle there? The one with the fancy lights? That's the PSi Tower by Michael Young, an ultra-modern skyscraper designed for Hong Kong. Its hexagon-studded shape isn't just for show, either. The various faces actually move to maximize the amount of natural light inside the structure.
In October of 2006, artist Erwin Wurm slammed an upside-down house right on top of Vienna's Museum Moderner Kunst (MUMOK). While Wurm's installation, appropriately dubbed "House Attack," was only temporary, his project transformed the stark MUMOK façade itself into a work of art.
The "Sands Skypark" in Singapore is a pool, greenway and casino with an usual location. The whole thing sits atop not one, but three skyscrapers that make up the Marina Bay Sands hotel. The infinity pool itself is nearly 500 feet in length and features no discernible edge. So what would happen if you swam over?
A new office building in Osaka, Japan features two dozen of the biggest elevators around, each one capable of carrying a whopping 80 people at a time. With windows overlooking the city, the 12-foot-wide, 9-foot-long and 8.5-foot-high boxes will be downright spacious when carrying just a handful of passengers.