Buildings stories

Richard Moreta Architecture designed this eco-friendly egg hotel concept for Hospitality Design's Radical Innovation competition. Operating like a wind tower, this resort would allow fresh air to circulate throughout the building, use recovered rainwater for irrigation and flushing and a high-efficiency LED system. Wouldn't you want to spend the night here?
Stairs are great and all, but they're certainly not the most fun way to get down from the top floor of a building. I'm pretty sure that honor goes to slides. Which is why I really want to visit the Technische Universitat in Munich, Germany.
y+M Design Office completed this family home in Japan with a bit of a twist. The facade is made of stairs leading from the ground level to the roof. The owners wanted a welcoming house that would also shield them from the harsh, coastal winds that hit in the winter months. Stairs it is.
To usher in this year's holiday shopping season, we bring you Selfridges. A department store chain in the UK, the Birmingham location has quite a unique design. Known as blob architecture or 'blobitecture,' this building is made of small, bulging aluminum discs that come together into one organic, amoeba-like structure.