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For heart patients, signing up to implant a pacemaker in your chest isn't casual choice. Nevertheless, the technology has saved numerous lives over the years. This week a new development was unveiled that uses a similar device to treat to Alzheimer's patients with what's essentially a pacemaker for the brain.
A study published in the May issue of Neuroscience Letters suggests that electrical brain stimulation really can make you temporarily smarter and more creative. In other words, you can put on this silly hat that gently electroshocks your nogginpudding and you'll suddenly be able to solve logic problems that you weren't able to before.
It's often hard to tell just where in the brain depression comes from. A company called Brainsway has developed an electromagnetic "shotgun" that can stimulate a bunch of different areas of the brain all at once, and after promising trials, it's applying for FDA approval to use it clinically.