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Most of us have books that we've never read. We buy them, then put them away for a rainy day. The problem is that by doing that, we usually avoid buying that author's next book until we actually get around to reading the first one. To force us to get cracking, an Argentinean publisher is printing books using disappearing ink that starts to fade after just a couple of months.
What would happen if Darth Vader played an active role in raising (SPOILER!) his son, Luke Skywalker? Apparently some pretty adorable situations would arise, as shown in Darth Vader and Son, an upcoming Star Wars children's book by Jeffrey Brown. Get a peek inside the title right here, courtesy Chronicle Books.
Students everywhere can breathe a huge sigh of relief. Now, getting ready for English Lit class is as easy as watching six minute animated videos on their mobile phones. These new interactive videos come courtesy of CliffsNotes — who have saved students for years with their trademark black and yellow bound summaries of the classics.
Anyone who's ever visited or lived in New York is bound to ask — why would anyone want to make a book capturing its smells? Call her a dreamer or call her a realist but first time author Amber Jones believes the world's children deserve to take this olfactory journey be it good, bad or downright ugly in New York, Phew York.