bluetooth stories

This is probably the most useful invention the Western world has seen since sliced bread or radar or et. al. As everyone knows, you're most likely to lose your keys when in a rush, at which point you're forced to decide between risking an unlocked front door all day or being late. No more. Rejoin, friends. Deliverance is here.
There are a number of Bluetooth watches floating around out there, but not many can be worn by a fashion-conscious fellow. Granted, fashion is a fairly subjective thing, but take a look at the watch liked prior. Not cutting it at a business meeting.
This little refrigerator magnet reminds me of the Bat-Signal, which you use in an emergency and Batman rescues you. This Bluetooth-enabled fridge magnet has that same power in a munchies emergency: all you have to do is touch it and a pizza shows up to rescue you from hunger.
If you're a chronic misplacer of small items — or, Fek'lhr forbid, larger ones, too — then you've got some options, including keyrings that light up or make noise. Want a more robust option? The Cobra Tag uses Bluetooth, GPS and an app to form a little smartphone-and-key support network.