blackberry playbook stories

I already told you how I feel about the BlackBerry PlayBook. I've got a love-hate relationship with it. While it might feel unfinished and incomplete until its core features are rolled out in a firmware update, the 1080p HD shooting cameras are quite finished, even during a semi-dark Train concert. The tablet's 7-inch screen makes for a viewfinder experience unlike any other consumer camera.
It's been quite a journey following RIM's PlayBook tablet from announcement to launch. The amount of hype this device has received can't be understated. We've seen plenty of videos and more showing the PlayBook smoke the iPad in web page rendering, showing off its touch-sensitive bezel, confirming that it runs Android smartphone apps and cheering at its iPad-mirroring price points, but that was before we settled in with it. Now that we've welcomed it into our home, is the PlayBook worth going gaga for in the real world? Click on for our full review.