black holes stories

This just in: stars scream when a black hole eats them. You'd scream too, I bet, but you'd be in space, so nobody would hear you. Except, apparently, these astronomers from the University of Michigan, who have managed to measure the noise made by a star being swallowed by a black hole in a galaxy 3.9 billion light years away.
Scientists believe that super massive black holes lie at the center of most galaxies, and our own Milky Way doesn't seem to be any different. As it turns out, our black hole even has a name: Sagittarius A* (or Sgr A* for short; that last bit is pronounced "A-star"). And it might treat us to an unparalleled showcase of mass destruction over the next year.
Astronomers have captured images of a black hole shooting two "bullets" of ionized gas travelling at nearly a quarter the speed of light. The explosion is so powerful it produces as much energy in one hour as the sun emits in five years.
All black holes have several things in common: besides being black, and holes, they're all insatiably hungry, all the time. The more you feed them, the bigger and hungrier they get. One particular monster at the center of our galaxy is about to scarf down a big gas cloud, and for the first time, we're going to be watching it happen.