bitcoin stories

The music, movie, and newspaper industries have all stumbled under the weight of digital democratization, but in due time every institution we hold dear will be minced into unrecognizable puddles of archaic nostalgia goo. It's just a matter of when, not if. To that end, the global hive mind seems to already have its sights set on its next victim: filthy filthy lucre. In the not too distant future, one online enterprise aims to transform the entrenched concept of a "bank" into adorable grandpa babble. Two-year old virtual currency service BitCoin gives individuals the ability to remain anonymous with their financial transactions, thus sidestepping centralized authority (and regulation) altogether and upping the anarchic ante considerably. Following increased notoriety, the system is beginning to show some structural faults such as when hackers recently attacked a popular venue for exchanging bitcoins, thus plummeting their value dramatically (see more inside). However, if BitCoin is able to shake off its growing pains, this experiment in people power will either completely free humanity from its self-constructed shackles or entirely obliterate civilization as we know it. Either way, this is what's happening. Get ready for an exciting ride!