Bing stories

Microsoft just updated its free Bing app for the iPhone, giving iOS users something they've had, but never this easy: the ability to scan a barcode and get an accurate search result. You could take a picture of, say, the barcode on a can of a soft drink or a digital barcode online, and you'd either be taken to a search of the exact product or a specific page.
Online maps are very handy, but they can be cluttered and confusing, especially in dense cities. Bing's new Destination Maps solve that problem by cutting away all the unnecessary data from where you're trying to get. Even better? It'll draw it for you in a number of truly lovely ways.
Who doesn't google with Google? Everyone, right? But, if Microsoft has its way, people will be binging more than they google, and they're updating Bing to tempt folks to give it a shot. Here are a few updates that really...