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Residents of Copenhagen, be on the lookout for the Sperm Bullitt. This little doozy is part of a green initiative by the Nordisk Cryobank (European Sperm Bank) to avoid using other, less efficient means of transportation. That's right, this bike actually carries sperm samples to Copenhagen fertility clinics. Happy Earth Day to all!
For the 2010 Seoul Design Cycle Competition Eungi Kim unveiled a horse-shaped bike attachment. We can't decide if this accessory will make your next ride a joyous excursion or the subject of ridicule, but if you're a commuter looking to spice things up, this may be just the thing.
While there are plenty of foldable commuter bikes out there, they all end up looking pretty weird and ugly when you actually ride them. It's the price to pay for being able to keep your bike in your studio apartment. But that's not the case with Wallpaper magazine's beautiful new foldable bike.
Any driver knows how tough it can be to spot bikes on a dark street at night, especially if they aren't using any kind of lighting. Sure you could add those little flashing LED lights to your ride, but these special tires with embedded LED lighting would be even harder to miss.