barnes & noble stories

I've spent a week (and some change) playing around with Barnes & Noble's latest. The Nook Simple Touch with GlowLight adds a feature that before was relegated to the side business of e-reader peripherals: a lit screen so you can read at night. It's a simple change, but it makes all the difference.
Nothing is sacred these days. Last Friday's leaked internal documents nailed the Nook Tablet specs and price — $250, Wi-Fi-only and same 7-inch IPS screen. The boxing gloves are on. The contenders are throwing invisible jabs in the air. The fighters: Amazon's Kindle Fire vs. Barnes & Noble's Nook Tablet. Ding! The fight's on! You can say that the Kindle Fire was a response to the the now $50 cheaper Nook Color e-reader tablet that Barnes & Noble released last year. The Kindle Fire is very attractive to shoppers because it's Amazon's first stab at a tablet and it comes with a suite of Amazon multimedia services that keep it fresh, day in and day out. Barnes & Noble's new Nook Tablet is a counter to the Kindle Fire treading on its Nook empire territory. So how does the Nook Tablet stack up?