bandwidth stories

Want to know why your cell phone service sucks all the time? Phone companies will tell you: it's bandwidth, man. The wireless spectrum is getting crowded and there's just not enough room. What's needed is a new way to cram more data into the same amount of space, and the solution might be to twist multiple light beams together into a vortex.
A report that came out in October, 2011 showed that the number of wireless devices in the U.S. exceeds the number of humans. It's an incredible fact, but it has a downside — all those gadgets in addition to radio and television signals are gobbling up space on the electromagnetic spectrum
Conventional wisdom holds that we need to build more highways in order to curb congestion. But what ends up happening is, more highways encourage more driving, creating a Möbius strip of never-ending highway building and even more entangled traffic jams. But there's only so much room to build new highways, which means eventually we'll be living in eternal gridlock. The same Mobius strip of more capacity=more traffic is happening in cellphone land.