augmented reality stories

Here at DVICE we've followed many an augmented reality trend. We've explored creepy AR dates with Japanese schoolgirls and pop stars and gloves that allow users to manipulate 3D projects. The latest development is an augmented reality in a transparent train window, allowing the user to play with the scenery as they travel.
We all agree that you can do a lot with augmented reality these days. You can have a creepy virtual date, or take part in a fictional conspiracy game. But if you are looking for something just plain cute and clever, we now have Sharky the Beaver, an adorable augmented reality 3D character app for the Sphero orb.
One of the nagging deficiencies of the emerging field of augmented reality is the feeling that you're dealing with highly interactive, but nevertheless unrealistic, 2D characters. Sony is hoping to remedy this reality gap with a new twist called "LiveAction AR," which — you guessed it — stars a Japanese schoolgirl.