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Atari and Microsoft have announced a relaunch of eight video game classics for the Web and tablets. Asteroids, Pong, Missile Command and more are getting a makeover from existing Flash versions to HTML 5 to showcase the latest Web and tablet technologies. No need to search for quarters though, they are available free in the Atari Arcade.
Walking the floor at E3, you get to see, hear and play with the very latest that technology and gaming have to offer and it is friggin' spectacular. But sometimes we forget there was a simpler time — when video games were a delight not because of how fast or complex they were but simply because they were fun.
While yes, most USB flash drives are tiny and pocketable, there's still something undeniably charming about this Atari USB drive. It's basically just an old cartridge that's been gutted and stuffed with flash memory and equipped with a USB cable,...