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There are many ways a geek can decide to depart this Earth if lucky enough to be given a choice (with light saber in hand, clutching the neck of a Terminator, etc.). But for those of us who'd like to leave with the comfort of a friend, a new robotic solution may be available.
The 2012 Space Foundation Student Art Contest is one of those things that makes those of us who are (for all practical purposes) "old" wonder just what the heck we were doing when we were kids. No matter what sort of answers we come up with, it's probably nothing as beautiful or creative as these works of space art by children from pre-K through high school.
Ah, the sights and smells of spring: new life blooming, baby animals being born (at least according to Animal Planet), the beginning of baseball — if it weren't for all that frustrating egg-dying we have to do, it's be just lovely. Well, Egg-Bot's here to save the day! This little robot will dye and decorate all your Easter and holiday eggs for you.
The Smithsonian American Art Museum has embraced video games as art and part of our culture through a new exhibit called "The Art of Video Games." The highly anticipated exhibit is the culmination of public input on what should be covered in the 40 or so years that games have moved from arcades to our living rooms and phones.
Sometimes bootleg attempts can provide inspiration. At least that's the easiest way to explain how China launched its fake Gundam theme park two years before Japan, which just announced an official version of the robot playland.
Still life art has been popular for centuries. Groupings of every day objects, sometimes so realistically rendered they seem to jump off the canvas. This art form has now been reinvented for a modern generation by injecting a dose of DIY geekery to create a 4D still life users can actually interact with.