art and design stories

Designer Madella Simone decided to create a bike concept that stands out from the crowd. Her fashionable urban commuter has enough pizazz to spice up even the most uneventful ride to work. Simone's hope is that more people will opt to to take bikes instead of cars — especially if they have a sweet ride like her design, dubbed MOOBY.
The addictive little game Angry Birds has over one billion users so we're all familiar with the movements required to control the birds on their revenge quest to decimate the green pigs and any of their fortifications. When you think of the mission, you think of complex gameplay to reach your goal and you get pretty darn excited when you achieve a new level.
Office furniture is pretty standard: you've got a desk, a chair — what's missing? A place to sleep, obviously! That's right, some scientists say that taking naps throughout the work day increases productivity. Should bosses really get so upset when they catch us nodding off in meetings, then? Heck, no. We've got science on our side, people.
Forget chocolate, playing Words With Friends, or any of your other go-to things that make you happy. Now you can get happy on demand, with the touch of a button from the Happiness Machine. The device is hooked up to the Internet and, every time someone shares a happy thought, it prints it out just for you.