armor stories

Knowing how to keep kids safe is never easy. Ideally, you'd want to provide as much realistic safety as possible without being disruptive or invasive, but that can be a hard compromise. This backpack may not be a compromise at all: it comes with princesses or Avengers on it and will also stop rounds from a .44 Magnum.
One of the causes of Alzheimer's disease is thought to be a buildup of plaque in the brain, caused by some nasty little proteins called beta-amyloids. Scientists in Israel have managed to take those proteins and put them to work, creating an organic material that's printable, transparent, and twice as strong as Kevlar.
If you've ever had a bike or scooter stolen, then you've probably shopped for elaborate locks and chains. Well, they don't get much more elaborate than Marc Graells Ballve's "Protect 486" scooter armor, which encases your vehicle in an anti-theft shell.