architecture stories

The Steampunk-ification of everything and anything is now complete with this steampunk-themed loft in New York City's Chelsea district. This loft isn't just a house with steampunk gadgets in it, the entire house is steampunk-ified itself. With a front a front door modeled after a submarine porthole, sepia colored concrete floors, large wooden gears that weigh 500 pounds, vintage recliners with cup holders collected from antique shops, a color changing blimp mounted on the ceiling and metal trinkets and fans everywhere, this is probably the place I want to have a party in once Halloween rolls around.
Adrian Smith + Gordon Gill Architecture's Wuhan Greenland Center might not reach as high into the sky like the Kingdom Tower or the Burj Khalifa, but when it's completed, it will be the world's fourth tallest building, third-tallest in China and ultra sustainable. At 1,988 feet hight with 119 floors, the Wuhan Greenland Center's "tapered body, softly rounded corners and domed top" don't just make the entire structure look slim and sleek, special vents at the edges of its tripod-like "legs" help "reduce wind resistance and vortex action" that usually causes a building to sway.