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Come 2014, the world's tallest building — the Ghost Protocol-famous Burj Khalifa — will no longer be able to also claim that it has the world's fastest elevators. That honor will go to the Shanghai Tower in China, which will stand 2,073 feet with 128 floors, and have bullet-shaped elevators built by Mitsubishi that zip around as fast as cars.
Modern engineering techniques have given architects the freedom to go absolutely nuts as they run around cities and towns experimenting with all manner of crazy new structures. Like any artists given access to a wholly new set of artistic tools, the line between aesthetic choice and horrible mishap can prove somewhat fuzzy at first glance. Here we present some truly amazing buildings from around the world that — at first impression — appear to have either 1) suffered a big "uh-oh don't tell the foreman" moment in the construction process, or 2) come into contact with a devastating natural calamity. These are the amazing architectural mistakes that weren't. (Note: while there's a whole world of crazy buildings for the public attraction industry — we're specifically looking at architectural techniques used in everyday buildings that may/will slowly find their way into everyday use.)
Meet Lucasfilm Animation's new Sandcrawler offices. You may remember seeing it back in April when it was all just a blurry render. New details have trickled out and surprisingly, the office building with the 100-seat theater and state-of-the-art digital production facilities only looks like a Sandcrawler from one angle. Peak on throughout he other side, and it's a whole different story.