architecture stories

The Shard in London became Europe's tallest skyscraper back in July and now, on November 1, Moscow's Mercury City Tower topped out and stole the coveted position by a mere 95 feet (1,112 feet compared to The Shard's 1,017 feet). Moscow is already home to the largest number of highrises in Europe and Mercury City joins four other buildings in Russia to make up half of the ten tallest on the continent.
We were impressed by the guts it took to knockoff an Apple Store, but this time the Chinese have definitely raised the bar on "recreating" originals. China has successfully cloned an entire village, recreating the scenic village of Hallstatt, Austria in a location of the same name about one hour outside of Huizhou in the Guangdong Province.
Borrowing the shape of the long, twisting bodies of China's iconic dragons, "Sity" is a building concept we're still trying to wrap our heads around. It's designed to snake through a swathe of Shanghai and includes a man-made river and park underneath it. While the structure looks impossible to navigate, the designers have actually put some thought into how you could live and work in this thing, too.