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The Chinese architecture firm MAD has completed the Absolute Towers after six long years of planning and construction. Located in the city of Mississauga in Ontario, the two towers stand at about 492 and 557 feet, respectively. Apartments are located on each oval-shaped floor and the levels are rotated gradually to give the towers that unique curvy outline.
Many of us live in places with extreme seasonal temperature changes. How well your house stands up to the weather plays a role in your comfort level throughout the year. What if there was a house that could change shape to accommodate different weather conditions, time changes, sunrise, sunset, and everything else?
Chinese architecture firm MAD, which we've seen some truly crazy designs from, has announced plans for a series of buildings nestled in the Huangshan Mountains of eastern China. MAD used the surrounding natural beauty as inspiration for their building design, so they have a very organic appeal that fits in nicely with the terrain.