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With jangly repetitive tunes, inexplicable noises and "Good Games!", arcade sounds were so hypnotic you wondered how walked out of the arcade with no lunch money but a huge smile on your face at the end of a day. It's time to tap that feeling again with a chiptune synthesizer designed to make you the arcade music wizard this time.
While playing Centipede (don't judge) at my local mall in the '80s, it never occurred to me that somewhere behind the soon-to-fall Iron Curtain there would be some punk playing the Soviet version of arcade games as well. Hell yeah they were! Now, thanks to two nostalgic Muscovites who remembered their days of playing "Sea Battle," there is an entire museum full of these Soviet-era games. The story of the Museum of Soviet Arcade Machines is so cool we couldn't make this up if we tried.
The past few years has seen a lot of innovation in the realm of game controllers. From motion controllers to touchscreens to tablets like the Wii U, we've come a long way from the tried-and-tested joystick. Now we may have the most groundbreaking controller yet: your eyes.
While all eyes are on Nintendo, Sony and Microsoft to deliver the next-generation of gaming in portable and console form, one old-time friend is making a silent return. Atari is partnering with DiscoveryBay Games to launch the Atari Arcade — an iPad dock that enhances old-school arcade classics with the tactility of a joystick and four physical buttons. Right off the bat, you're probably thinking the Atari Arcade is an iCade knock-off. It certainly seems so at a glance; the Atari Arcade is the second joystick dock for the iPad, but the similarities pretty much end there. Read on to find out if the Atari Arcade is up to snuff to make you want to play games like Pong, Asteroids and Centipede all over again.