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There's not much that could get me to move faster than a leisurely walk. Except zombies. When threatened by an undead invasion I'd manage to find a bit more spring in my step. It's that kind of motivation the new app/game Zombies Run! counts on.
You may have heard of Siri, that sultry vixen with the smooth voice who doesn't know where abortion clinics are but likes to curse out twelve-year-olds. Well, like most sultry vixens (trust me, I know like two… that I saw… on TV… once), she's not a fan of imitators, and even rival Google will ban a Siri knockoff and its developer from the Android Market.
Think Yelp, but Haiku No long reviews, which means no tl;dr Haiku Review initially comes off as a gimmick, and a risky one at that. If a new music site promises you nothing but bagpipe covers and you hate bagpipes, you're not going to get a lot of mileage out of it. Yet here, the haiku format is supposed to be a welcoming feature, not a barrier to entry. The proposed app, which is currently little more than the start of an idea on Kickstarter as dreamed up by a trio of Texans, wants to cut down on lengthy reviews without entirely cutting out opinion. We went back-and-forth with Stu Hill, one of the aforementioned Texans, about why forcing people to essentially bang out Yelp poetry isn't the worst idea ever. (And yeah, we're mentioning Yelp a bunch, but that's because Stu and his crew are positioning Haiku Review directly in the social reviewing behemoth's path.)
Now she's gone and done it. For $3.99, Gwyneth Paltrow is offering virtual tours of her favorite cities, starting with New York. It sounds okay, but wait…this isn't an app for regular folks, oh no. Paltrow's 'Goop City Guide!' is only for really, really rich people.