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Everyone loves a good massage, but what about a good massage you could have anytime you wanted (within the boundaries of good taste of course). The eSSAGE self-massaging suit takes away the tyranny of spa visits, loved ones and trained pros by empowering you to give yourself a massage, wirelessly controlled by an app.
Though it looks easy on TV, fighting with a broadsword is an activity knights and other medieval types probably practiced a lot. So how do modern knights get some practice in without cutting their hands off? Microsoft Research is tackling this problem with a new game called SwordFight that enables multi-player dueling with smartphones using hardware localization technology.
GPS is a fantastic technology, allowing you to pinpoint your location within a few feet anywhere in the world, except all those places where you can't get a clear view of the sky, like inside buildings. People spend rather a lot of time inside buildings, which is what makes this new geomagnetic location technology (which does work inside) so cool.
Twenty years ago, the video footage of Rodney King's beating at the hands of several LAPD officers brought Los Angeles to the boiling point, but it also harkened the age (and power) of consumer video technology. Two decades later, video tech has become pocket sized, but its potential impact still prevails.
There's a new health app out there that uses photos from your smartphone to track the health of a person's skin — from acne, pore size and tone. The user takes several close up shots of their face and the app then analyzes their skin condition and assigns a score. Over time this allows a user to create a base on which to evaluate their skin health.