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In a recent interview, Apple CEO Tim Cook revealed that the company is planning to bring some of the Mac device manufacturing back to the U.S., welcome news to critics of the labor practices at Foxconn. However, Cook would not reveal which Mac would be headed for U.S. factories. Now a new report from Asia may have the answer.
We now know why Apple went on an uncharacteristically high profile Tim Cook publicity campaign earlier this month, the company was likely jockeying for the coveted Time Person of the Year cover. Alas, Cook has been named runner-up, losing to President Obama. But he still got the cover treatment, and he's in great company.
Concept designs are often interesting and fun peeks into what inventors and designers have in store for us in the future. But it's rare that we see a major CEO so excited about a possible product from another company that he develops a concept design and strategy for it. It's rare, but that's what just happened to Apple's long-rumored smart television.
The sport of Apple rumors is almost as old as the company itself, but now that the iPhone and the iPad are market leaders, every new piece of information is even more exhaustively parsed over. That's why the latest claims made by an analyst fresh from visiting Apple's suppliers in Asia are raising a few eyebrows.
What could make frequent sparring partners Apple and Google finally come together? According to Bloomberg News, the move is part of a deal to purchase some 1,100 Kodak patents — offered as part of Kodak's bankruptcy liquidation, announced last year. The patents involve the capture, manipulation and sharing of digital images and the offer for the portfolio is estimated at $500 million.
Although the iPhone 5 was released just over two months ago, purported images of an iPhone 5S have now been revealed. To add credence to the leak, reports have suggested that the new model may even be scheduled for a launch in early 2013.
Recently, people have spotted some "Assembled in the USA" labels on Macs, sparking rumors that Apple might have some secret factory in the U.S. outside of its Asia-based Foxconn plants. In a new interview, Apple CEO Tim Cook reveals that the company does in fact have new domestic manufacturing plans.
As Internet-only news sites continue to navigate the ever changing landscape of digital content, old-school players transitioning from paper have been experimenting with new models. Now the most recent high profile experiment, a tablet-only news project from the publishers of the Wall Street Journal, supported by Apple, has come to an end.
If you're one of the thousands of New Yorkers who have found nada searching for a store-stocked iPad mini, only to be met with disappointing claims of "sold out" or promises that it's "on the way," consumer demand might not be the reason for the shortage: Apple recently suffered a major iPad-jacking at JFK airport.