apple stories

Two collectors helped drive the bidding for a rare functioning Apple 1 that finally sold for $374,500. That's double what auction house Sotheby's had given as the high estimate. The winning bid for the Apple 1 and two original operating manuals was placed by telephone; the victorious bidder has not been named.
iOS 6 is official. Not that we didn't already know about it. Apple's mobile OS is finally growing into its own shoes and the next software update hits Google where it hurts with the swapping of Google Maps for the company's own 3D mapping software, Facebook integration and new smarter Siri.
Consumers were left scratching their heads when Apple announced the new iPad would not have Siri. It made no sense considering the iPad has beefier specs than the iPhone 4S. Apparently, Apple's holding out on us to bring Siri to the new iPad alongside the next version of iOS.