apple stories

The iPod and dedicated MP3 market is in decline (Apple's fiscal 2012 results reported a 21 percent decline year-over-year from the last winter quarter) — no thanks to the smartphones and tablets. How might Apple revive its once mighty money printer? By redesigning the iPod Nano.
Steve Jobs famously said that seven-inch tablets would be dead on arrival because they were too big to compete with smartphones and too small to compete with the iPad. That was two years ago. With CEO Tim Cook running Apple now, a smaller iPad could actually see the light of day.
Two collectors helped drive the bidding for a rare functioning Apple 1 that finally sold for $374,500. That's double what auction house Sotheby's had given as the high estimate. The winning bid for the Apple 1 and two original operating manuals was placed by telephone; the victorious bidder has not been named.