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It's finally here. Apple's next generation iPhone 5 is larger than its predecessor, the iPhone 4S, and yet it's still significantly lighter and thinner. The iPhone 5 will support LTE technology, which will allow it to connect to the higher-tier networks provided by the likes of AT&T, Verizon and Sprint. Also new to the iPhone 5 is Apple's latest mobile processor, an entirely redesigned connector and some fancy new cameras. Pre-orders for the iPhone 5 start September 14 at $199 and 16GB, with units shipping out to the U.S., Japan, Europe and elsewhere on Sept. 21 and to additional countries a week after that. It will be available in white and black, both with an aluminum finish.
In about two weeks, Apple is expected to reveal the long due iPhone 5. The only problem is that most of have already seen it photos of leaked parts and reverse engineered 3D renders created by artists. This batch of leaked photos practically seals the deal on what Apple CEO Tim Cook is going to announce.
When Steve Jobs told his biographer Walter Isaacson that he had "cracked" how to build a TV with "the simplest user interface," he didn't actually mean Apple was building an HDTV. A new reports suggests that hardships in securing content from cable companies is killing any chances of an Apple HDTV (for now).
The iPhone 5 is only weeks away. (BFD, right?) Slimmer, faster, with a larger screen, Apple's iPhone 5 is going to sell millions. But that's not what you really need. What you really need from your iPhone is something that'll do your food photos justice. You need this special iPhone 5.
It's been widely reported by a variety of reliable sources that Apple will announce the new iPhone 5 on September 12, and it will go on sale eight days later. As much as we can know for sure sans Apple's official imprimatur, the new iPhone will connect via 4G LTE and feature a 4-inch screen. These are the headline upgrades; there are more, which I'll get to after the jump. As per usual, I'll be on the physical line at an Apple store or pre-order an iPhone 5 to be delivered to my door so I can pass judgment in print as quickly as possible — and pass my 4S to my anxious wife. But strangely I am not tingling with geek excitement as I have with past major iPhone upgrades (which is a place, sadly, I've been before).
Following the report of Steve Jobs' house getting burglarized is news that the late Apple CEO's iPad ended up in the hands of a local clown. And what did the clown use it for? Apparently, he used it as a giant iPod to entertain Bay Area children and tourists. Go figure.
With the looming iPhone 5 and smaller iPad on the way, all is quiet on the Siri-powered Apple HDTV/iTV rumor front. Two new reports indicate that the little "hobby box" aka Apple TV will stick around, but get upgraded with set-top box capabilities in the form of live TV and "other content."
All eyes might be on the new iPhone rumored to launch next month, but another device is starting to look like a lock: the 7.85-inch iPad, or iPad "Mini" or iPad "Air" as the media is now calling it. It's getting harder to deny that a smaller iPad is in the works.