apparel stories

A clever design that does something in a new way is something we appreciate 'round these parts. This time? The humble zipper is up. Keep your hoodie zipped up, and you'll just see a hand. Zipped down a bit, and you've got the Vulcans' customary greeting.
In terms of design, the iPod Nano and the Shuffle are really the standout contenders. (The iPod Touch? It really has become just an iPhone without calling.) The Shuffle returned to form with a classic clickwheel, yet we love iPod Nano's fresh, versatile design.
We all love those silent hand/finger gestures Special Ops teams use in the movies when they're about to attack. Now a pair of high-tech gloves gives firefighters the same kind of cool hand-speak in the service of saving lives.
Designer Seahope has fashioned this Robot 1259C Watch, which, with its LED "eyes" looks like the kind of thing a Cylon or Knight Rider would run around with. The LEDs don't bounce back and forth in rapid succession as you...
No boring flat watch faces for watchmaker Maximilian Busser. Nope, and no boring names, either: this here is the Horological Machine Number 3 Frog, and Busser designed it to "bring a child's sense of awe and sense of playfulness" to...