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Welcome to the future of trying on jeans: instead of stepping into a dressing room with a pair you think will fit, you'll instead enter the fitting room of tomorrow, equipped with a ring of eight Kinect sensors. They'll see your body from every angle and, after mapping your contours in mere seconds, knows exactly what pair of pants will fit you best.
When we see pictures of soldiers headed off to the battlefield there is a level of protection we can see — helmets and bulletproof vests. Both are critical to protecting our troops from mortal head and chest wounds. The Army has been trialing a level we can't see, called protective undergarments (PUGs) and has recently made improvements in these "super shorts."
For those who are laundry averse, this news will be met with glee…a denim company has recently released jeans with scratch-n-sniff technology. They look like the kind of jeans any ordinary hipster would wear with one key difference — the coating of micro capsules that hold a scent. Raspberry scent to be precise.