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The upcoming London Olympics will feature a number of events in which the winning result will be determined by speed and accuracy. Now a design student has used 3D technology to offer a solution that might help athletes shave off a few crucial milliseconds at the finish line.
This backpack is better than your average backpack. Why? Well, in case you missed that classic yellow and black Dark Knight logo, like any good Batman accessory it carries a secret. It's endowed with an awesome built-in bat cowl hoodie that unfurls to make you just a little bit more mysterious (and warm) when it's chilly.
It's great to be on the cutting edge of fashion, right? Would you change your mind if the cutting edge meant you'd be wearing a dress or a shirt made from the same bacteria that helps ferment your favorite beer or wine? Quite possibly you'll be both repulsed and fascinated by this all-organic, fermented fabric.
Following in the wordy tradition of its Qlocktwo predecessors, the Qlocktwo W puts German design firm Biegert & Funk's distinctive time-telling interface onto your wrist. As you've no doubt already noticed, there's no watch-hands here, just a matrix of 110 letters that spell the time out for you.