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There's always been a silent alternative to the apps that Apple peddles by way of its App Store: Flash. Don't worry — we're not going to beat that dead horse. Long story short, Apple doesn't support it, but the format the company does, HTML5, may give developers a new way to circumvent Apple — and the cut the company takes.
Well, this isn't a good sign: Apple has rejected Sony's Reader app, which would allow users to download books from Sony's digital bookstore. This is similar to what Amazon's popular Kindle app does — could it be getting the boot soon?
Say "app" and "store," and most people will probably only think of Apple's aptly named App Store. There are a bunch of them coming, though — boat loads. On the one hand it seems awful and inconvenient to have to muck around with more than one, but one man has a pretty reasonable defense as to why a multitude of app stores could be a good thing.