Antarctica stories

It was a scientific breakthrough when a Russian team broke through some 12,365 ft. of ice to tap Lake Vostok, buried under Antarctica for 14 million years last February. The U.S. and Great Britain soon followed with efforts to tap into similar buried lakes in the hopes of finding ancient forms of life. Sadly on Christmas Day, the British Antarctic Survey (BAS) announced the shuttering of their operations due to technical problems.
Sir Ranulph Fiennes is one of the last of the old-school explorers. He's spent more time traipsing around the Arctic and Antarctic than a penguin in a polar bear suit, and at the age of 68, he's now preparing to do something that's never been done before (because it's utterly crazy): crossing the entire continent of Antarctica, on foot, in the dead of winter.
The aliens invading Antarctica are not the outer-space variety, but they definitely are green. Scientists are reporting that one day soon Antarctica could become host to a variety of foreign plant and animal fauna thanks to a mix of global warming and hidden seeds and other material brought in by scientists and visitors.