animals stories

In case you weren't already aware, being a chicken kind of sucks. Not only are you crowded into pens with a bunch of other chickens under lousy conditions only to be killed off for your delicious, delicious meat, but they'll suck you right off the ground with a terrifying machine.
Plants, shockingly, have not evolved flowers and fruits to make our lives prettier and tastier. Instead, they're engaged in hardcore competition to trick insects and animals into pollinating them and spreading their seeds. It should be no surprise, then, that one particularly enterprising plant grows its own echolocation beacons to attract bats.
When you're a fish, the selection of kitchen gadgets available to you is somewhat limited. You've pretty much got a choice between rocks, and nothing else. For the first time, a fish has been caught on film using a rock as a tool to open up a clam, making it a member of the exclusive club of tool-using animals.
Some robots are nice and friendly, like a Roomba or an Aibo. Some, less so, such as the Jarvis Model JR-50 Robotic Hog Head Dropper. Yes, this is a robot designed to cut the heads off of pigs. Lots of pigs.
Video cameras have been getting getting smaller, cheaper, and more durable, making them more appetizing to consumers. These characteristics also seem to make them more appetizing to animals, and there's been a spate of burglaries over the last few years involving critters scarpering off with electronics. As expected, it's all been caught on tape.
These images aren't x-rays, and they haven't been photoshopped. You're looking at real animals that have been carefully preserved, partially dissected with chemicals, and then had their bones and cartilage dyed brilliant colors. They're the work of Japanese artist and ichthyologist Iori Tomita, and each animal can take up to a year to complete.