animals stories

Hermit crab housing has just taken on an interesting new turn. Harry, the local resident at the rock pool in Legoland in the U.K. has crawled into a specially crafted shell made of the local building material — Legos. So, adorable hermit crabs enjoy plastic blocks as much as they love 3D-printed enclosures.
Ah, the fearsome T. rex! Mighty carnivore of the cretaceous! Able to scarf down hapless cavemen in a single bite! Possibly snuggly soft and covered with fluff! Yeah, if there's one thing that utterly fails to make giant carnivorous dinosaurs more badass, it's the fact that they (or their relatives) were likely covered in soft, downy feathers.
Architecture Student André Ford is proposing raising chickens for meat in vertical racks after severing their frontal cortexes, rendering them effectively brain-dead. It would be much, much more efficient, there's no doubt about that, but would it be any more ethical than current factory farms?
If you've ever seen a gecko, you've probably noticed how excellent they are at not falling off of things. Researchers at the University of Massachusetts at Amherst have managed to create an adhesive based on gecko toes that works nearly as well as the real thing, and an index card of this stuff is powerful enough to stick you and six* of your most daring friends directly to a sheet of glass.