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In news that bears repeating, scientists have shown that bears can differentiate between larger and smaller numbers of dots on a computer screen. That's right, bears can count and use computers, and this may just barely scratch the surface of what they're capable of.
Did you know you can make a simple computer out of a swarm of soldier crabs? I sure didn't, and I'll bet you a fresh seafood dinner that the crabs themselves had no idea either. But some enterprising researchers from Japan have shown that it is possible to make a crabputer. Practical? Maybe not so much.
Hermit crab housing has just taken on an interesting new turn. Harry, the local resident at the rock pool in Legoland in the U.K. has crawled into a specially crafted shell made of the local building material — Legos. So, adorable hermit crabs enjoy plastic blocks as much as they love 3D-printed enclosures.
Ah, the fearsome T. rex! Mighty carnivore of the cretaceous! Able to scarf down hapless cavemen in a single bite! Possibly snuggly soft and covered with fluff! Yeah, if there's one thing that utterly fails to make giant carnivorous dinosaurs more badass, it's the fact that they (or their relatives) were likely covered in soft, downy feathers.