angry birds stories

The addictive little game Angry Birds has over one billion users so we're all familiar with the movements required to control the birds on their revenge quest to decimate the green pigs and any of their fortifications. When you think of the mission, you think of complex gameplay to reach your goal and you get pretty darn excited when you achieve a new level.
Angry Birds has reached into just about every corner of known society - and have even invaded the International Space Station. So, it stands to reason that someone, somewhere would create an Angry Birds themed holiday light display. If there is more than one (and we wouldn't be surprised), then Ric Turner, a former Disney Imagineer wins the prize for going the distance and making it playable
You are probably at least a little familiar with Angry Birds, the most popular game for mobile phones, well, ever. Now, there's a real-deal Angry Birds game, but you'll need to travel to Guangzhou, China to check it out.