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If you've got a phone that was provided by your job, you know that your data and phone aren't really yours. It's an annoying thing to have to worry about, with non-work-related emails easily accessible to your office's IT guy. But AT&T's new Toggle lets you balance things a bit better.
Editor's Note: With respect to Steve Jobs, we'd like to be clear that this post was written before his death. The criticism here would not change, but there are no parallels between Stewart's take on the iPhone 4S and what's happened. As I mentioned I might be when last I bloviated about the new, then-pending iPhone: Disa-POINT-ed. I've GOT an iPhone 4. I don't WANT another iPhone 4. I've waited patiently for 18 months, a third longer than necessary, just to be told I can get ANOTHER iPhone 4? Seriously, a 3.5-inch screen? That's practically a peep hole compared to today's Android phones, which all seem to have 4-inch screens, and the Galaxy S II models from Sprint and upcoming from T-Mobile have 4.52-inch screens — that's more than an inch larger than iPhone 4S's suddenly dwarfish display. And you're trying to tell me I won't be able to tell the difference between 3G 14.4 Mbps EV-DO or HSPA and HSPA+, LTE or WiMAX? Really? Sure, and Charley Parker and Kenny G? Both saxophonists, no difference. And we're supposed to seduced by Siri? She looks and sounds clever, but all I can think about is Skynet, and I get the sense I'll feel and look as silly talking to my iPhone as Scotty did in Star Trek IV talking to a Mac through the mouse. "Computer?" Now, if Siri had Majel Barrett's voice… All I can say is, horse pettuties. Okay, all I can say that is printable. So is there anything good about the iPhone 4S? Yeah, a couple of things.