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Not too long ago it was feared that the SETI project's Allen Telescope Array, which is made up of 42 networked radio telescopes, was destined to switch off forever. While the array is currently down, it's scheduled to be reactivated — and soon.
After one intrepid Google Mars user reported spotting a structure on the surface of Mars, the Internet at large took it way too seriously, as the Internet is wont to do. But someone actually bothered to ask the guy in charge of one of the telescopic cameras currently orbiting Mars what the deal is, and his take probably won't surprise you. Or maybe it will.
French scientists have confirmed with computer models that Gliese 581d, a planet orbiting a red dwarf star about 20 light years from here, has a stable atmosphere, comfortable temperatures, and a surface covered in liquid water. It's the first planet orbiting another star that could definitely support life, and it's basically next door.
Late on Friday, the Journal of Cosmology (a free but peer-reviewed scholarly journal) published a paper on their website by NASA astrobiologist Dr. Richard B. Hoover that showcases a variety of microscopic fossilized structures from inside meteorites that are possibly the remains of extraterrestrial bacteria. Aliens, for real.
One of the biggest mysteries that humanity has yet to solve is that of life on other planets. And now we don't even have to send William Shatner to explore the question for us! This chip, developed by Harvard Professor...
Now is not the perfect time to buy an HDTV. You just missed all the fab Black Friday door-buster deals, and the real HDTV deals materialize between New Year's and the Super Bowl. Further complicating your HDTV investment decision are...