aliens stories

If there's life on Mars right now, it's either really good at hiding from our robots, or it's too small to be able to wave at us. In either case, an effective way of finding it might be through gene sequencing, which is why scientists want to send a DNA sequencer on Mars. It's called "the search for extraterrestrial genomes," which I have abbreviated to "SEx GNomes."
The surface of Venus is not a pleasant place to live. It's really freakin' hot (900 degrees), the pressure is stifling (92 times Earth normal), and the clouds are made of sulfur dioxide. We're pretty sure that nothing could survive down there, especially not some imaginary scorpions that a Russian scientist thinks he sees in old pictures of Venus' surface.
Being from Louisiana, the term "jumbo shrimp" usually indicates a positive (and tasty) thing. Those suckers are usually three inches long at most. That's gargantuan, even. Now, a foot-long shrimp species that look like they came from another planet has invaded the Gulf, bringing with it an insatiable hunger and a load of disease.
Earth has a nasty habit of recycling its surface such that old stuff (like dinosaur bones and meteor craters and ancient alien cities) get swallowed up by oceans and volcanoes or eroded into dust. The moon, however, hasn't been geologically active for a very long time, and if aliens ever stopped by our solar system, the moon might be the place to check for artifacts.