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We've seen futuristic airport ideas for London before, and now here's a proposal to create a floating airport on the surface of London's River Thames Estuary. The proposed "London Britannia Airport" would not be built on reclaimed land added to the center of the river, but rather with buildings and runways tethered to the seabed.
This concept (from NASA and Cal Poly San Luis Obispo) is called AMELIA, which stands for Advanced Model for Extreme Lift and Improved Aeroacoustics. There are two relevant bits there: "extreme lift" and "improved aeroacoustics," and both of these things come from mounting jet engines on top of the aircraft's wing instead of underneath.
Every year, Fentress Architects sponsors a global challenge for students to explore "future design possibilities in public architecture," where the winner gets cash, a paid internship and a part in a major museum exhibition. The 2011 challenge asked students to share their ideas for airports of the future, and the results are in, featuring floating islands, circular runways and zeppelins.
Okay, this is pretty cool: satellite views of 6,000 airports around the world. The one pictured above is Atlanta's busy Hartsfield Jackson airport, but there are literally thousands more, so check em out. If you're looking for specifics, you can...
The Chinese are building a new airport just outside of Beijing, because the other two giant airports they have in the area just can't keep up with demand. When it's finished, it'll be the largest airport in the world by far, at approximately the same size as the entire island of Bermuda.