Airbus stories

We've always appreciated Airbus' no-holds-barred approach for imagining the future of air travel, with machinations like its spectacularly improbable concept plane. But future air travel involves much more than just the planes themselves: it starts before take-off and ends after landing, and could be substantially faster, more comfortable and better for the environment than it is now. Here are five ways in which Airbus is working to make air travel better for everyone, including the planet, by 2050. And stick around after the gallery to check out a video of some of these concepts in action.
Clearly, someone over at the Airbus design department has been working just a little bit too hard coming up with patentable ideas. What you're looking at here is patent 8,157,204 (filed back in 2008, just approved) for a double fuselage, double swept-forward wing, double turboprop passenger aircraft. It's totally crazy, but actually pretty smart.
Even Airbus admits that its concept plane is "not likely to come together" exactly how it predicts, but oh what a prediction it is: morphing, self cleaning seats; see-through walls; personalized, holographic decorations. Taking in all that and the plane's space-age looks, we think Airbus definitely has a right to call this an "engineer's dream."