Air Force stories

Florida's Eglin Air Force Base sure knows how to have a good time. They filled an entire hangar in fire suppressant for a foam party. Oh wait, that's not what happened at all. A welder accidentally set off the emergency fire system, sending loads of this protectant foam into the hangar and beyond!
Attention, citizens! The latest threat to freedom and democracy has been announced by the U.S. Air Force: WEEDS! And they need you to help develop technology to defeat aforesaid weeds by inventing some sort of "floral disruptor." And yes, they do mean "disruptor" like Romulan-style. ZAP!
It sure seems like a good idea: we've got all these intercontinental ballistic missiles lying around with nothing to do, under an hour from striking anywhere on Earth, plus a bunch of terrorists running around Afghanistan. So why not just use one against the other? The Air Force is thinking about doing just that.