agriculture stories

You probably haven't received a text message from a cow lately. If you had, you could be in for an (unpleasant?) surprise. The new system, developed for the immense Swiss dairy industry, lets farmers maintain a direct SMS connection with a device implanted into a cow's genitals.
There's absolutely no reason to do something peacefully and by hand when you could do it violently, with lasers, instead. Germany agrees, and scientists there are developing a system that replaces the task of pulling weeds with a system of plant-pulverizing semi-autonomous laser cannons.
There's always been something a little bit sinister about the outdoors, being all big and out there and full of bears. It's a shame that the plants we eat depend on the outdoors so heavily, but as it turns out, plants are brainless and don't know what's best for them. In fact, they're better off growing inside under the warm friendly glow of red and blue LEDs.
On February 10, 2011, astronauts on the International Space Station took this image of central pivot fields and grid fields just south of the city of Perdizes in Brazil. Small streams also run through this true-color image with crops including sunflowers, wheat, potatoes, coffee, rice, soybeans and corn.