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When it comes to designing the ultimate device accessory, the Apple iPhone case is possible the most coveted sweet spot in the industry. Well, after hundreds of wacky and often practical ideas, we think we've seen what could be the most unique of them all: An e-ink screen case.
With touchscreen and text-to-speech rapidly taking over where handwriting left off, pens and pencils are slowly dying off as a means to log long notes. But for now, for short meeting notes and vital messages, writing remains our go-to method. Therefore, it only makes sense that, along with our smartphones, we now have a smartpen.
We all know the fictional story of Batman, a man who suffered a family assault and responded by going vigilante and creating crime fighting gadgets to protect the city. But how would you feel if such a story were real? That's the question the iPhone stun gun case presents.
The iPhone's camera has improved to such a degree that it's putting many point-and-shoot cameras out of business. So it's only natural that it should tackle the elite market: DSLRs. The iPhone Shutter Grip looks to put your smartphone on equal footing with the big boys.