3d stories

There's a physical limit to the number of magnetic bits that you can stuff onto a given area on a traditional hard drive, and we're pretty close to it right now. For hard drives to get bigger without getting, you know, bigger, we're going to have to get creative, and one research team has done this by taking hard drives into the third dimension.
Boy, are people who spent all sorts of money on a 3D TV that requires glasses going to feel foolish before too long. With advances like Samsung's 55-inch glasses-free 3D TV, those glasses are going to become very expensive paperweights.
Your fancy 3D TV is really a far cry from 3D, only giving you two slightly different viewpoints of a single, flat scene to create the illusion of depth and being able to see around corners. A new system that uses multiple projectors and fog displays full color 3D images that you can walk all the way around.
These days if you want a scoop on the latest tech news, you need to look in some pretty unlikely places. Last week we reported on a rumor that LG's upcoming G-Slate would have a 3D screen, and now it appears that a short glimpse of the tablet in a Korean K-pop video confirms the rumor.